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As many knows, Romania was ranked fifth best in the world for internet connection speed by Low operating costs and a wealth of intellectual capital. Cost: Low. Energy, office space and utilities are around four times cheaper than in Western Europe. What to expect: ​Excellent internet connections, a growing series of accelerators & incubators – just not the finished product, plus a wealth of home grown technical talent.

Are you seeking a flexible shared office environment for small businesses, entrepreneurs, and freelancers? Retail premises typically rent on at least six-month leases, more often a year. Many cities across the world and many universities offer incubation spaces with hot desking facilities for start-ups and supported fees for small offices.

Can you meet with your team in hired meeting rooms maybe twice or three times per week and the rest of the time everybody works from home or mobile in shared work-spaces? This is an increasingly popular way of operating that keeps overheads,that is, fixed costs,low.

There are many shared spaces where for a small monthly fee you can have access to hot desks with internet access (a limited number of desks that can be used ad-hoc and not booked in advance) and the option to rent meeting rooms by the hour when you need them.

There are commercially run buildings and organised shared office spaces in many countries..

Our co-working space can be used for a monthly fee (400 lei/monthly subscription)

So, let’s meet or feel free to contact us at email or phone us at +40 728 711 782 .

Meeting room (conference) rental in Bucharest.

We have the ideal space for trainings, managerial education programs, leadership events, interviews or seminars.

We make full use of our expertise for successful events! Antique Hostel in Bucharest has one event rooms, Underground Floor, with or without facilities and equipment. The conference room is intimate and can host up to 40 persons. It has functional design and is easily accessible. Located on the underground floor, the rooms is adjoined by a lobby destined for coffee break services.

Work anywhere for an hour, day, week, month, or years.

Prices are per person per day on a 24-month agreement, subject to availability.

Choose the size of space – from a interview rooms to larger spaces for team workshops – and book by the hour or day.

Team Building

(We know that a one-size-fits-all approach to team building invariably fits no one.)

  • Agenda creation based on the client’s objectives and needs
  • Meals selection and arrangement
  • Program and entertainment
  • Support with organization before and during the event
  • Transportation
  • Agenda creation based on the client’s objectives and needs


Co-working spaces:What are the costs of doing business in Bucharest?

Overall, regardless of which western country we try to compare Romania to, the cost of business here is definitely lower. From rental costs of office space to salaries, and from services, including internet connection to manufacturing costs, it costs less to do business in Romania, compared to other countries. That is why in spite of our plans to expand into other territories we have kept Romania as the headquarters for mobuy for our development and manufacturing.

What tips would you give to an entrepreneur thinking of starting up in Romania?

My advice would be to try to do things by the book, but beware of bureaucratic nonsense. Try to get involved in as many events for entrepreneurs and start-ups as possible to connect with people. Networking is absolutely crucial. Also, you should make a point of going to developer meet-ups, as connecting with the people there can be a great step towards finding a co-founder or possibly an employee.

At the end of 2014, there were two of these hubs in the Netherlands (Amsterdam and Rotterdam), one in Bucharest in Romania, one in Sweden (Stockholm) and Bergen (Norway) in Northern Europe, five in the UK (including London and …)